“Without the UfM no political future for the Mediterranean" - Youssef AmraniYoussef Amrani

“Without the UfM no political future for the Mediterranean »

Josep Antoni Duran i Lleida expressed support for the work of the Union for the Mediterranean during his visit to the headquarters of the Secretariat in Barcelona.
Barcelona – The Secretary General of the Union for the Mediterranean, Youssef Amrani, received Mr. Josep Antoni Duran i Lleida, President and spokesman CiU parliamentary group in the Congress of Deputies, at the headquarters of the Secretariat Union for the Mediterranean.

After their meeting, the two officials made a declaration to the media, where they articulated their common strategic vision for the Mediterranean. They declared that the Mediterranean is an area of great importance in the international context, witnessing a critical time of change, not only for the democratic transitions that are happening on the south shore, but also the economic crisis in Europe is a major challenge. « The Mediterranean is a priority for Europe and the European Union has to bet on the UfM, » said Duran i Lleida. « The Union for the Mediterranean should be the catalyst for the European policy in the Mediterranean, it is the only platform that combines regional Mediterranean policy », he continued, « without the UfM no political future for the Mediterranean ».

“The Mediterranean is present on the international scene through the Union for the Mediterranean. Our role is to accompany the process of democratic transitions, aimed to establish peace and stability in the region, » added Youssef Amrani. He expressed that he attended last week in New York a high level meeting of G8 Deauville Partnership on Libya.



attachment-1 photo-2b conference-youssef-amrani b-20 img_0051 milan-oct-2015 2016-02-12 - Youssef Amrani, Minister in Charge of Mission at the Royal Cabinet of Morocco gesticulates on the conference "The Challenges for Security Services in of Imported Terrorism in Europe" from the Middle East Peace Forum on the Munich Security Conference in Munich, Germany. Photo: MSC/dedimag/Sebastian Widmann upm 23023365664_05464c6a50_o